From the inbox #766

“Generalizations are bad. Sure. But the problem arises when comparing a hyperbolic statement made by someone in a marginalized group in legitimate frustration over a real issue, like erasure, to statements made by people not in said group that perpetuate harmful stereotypes about that group. These two things are not the same. Someone in the LGBTQ+ community complaining about “straight people” is not in any way the same as a straight person complaining about there being too many genders/sexualities or invalidating people who don’t fit the binaries. Complaints about “straight people” are about the easily observable BEHAVIOR of an obnoxious majority; we’re not talking about all of them and the ones we’re not talking about know that. Complaints by straight people about the LGBTQ+ community are about our EXISTENCE. Our very being is an inconvenience to Straight People, and that’s why they complain. Not because of any behavior we can control and unlearn, not because we’re harming them in any way, but because we ARE. We exist, we dare to not fit into the boxes they want to pack us into, and that’s a problem for them.
Comparing this attitude to the frustration from the LGBTQ+ community that stems from putting up with this every day is unfair and frankly wrong. These things are not on the same plane, and if you think they are, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself why you’re getting defensive.
PS: This goes for all marginalized groups. I used the LGBTQ+ community and straight people in this example because that’s what this page is primarily about, but this applies to pretty much every argument about these statements, whether it’s POC talking about White People, women/nonmales taking about Men, trans/nonbinary people talking about the Cis or the Cishets, or whatever.”