From the inbox #76

“Hi! I forgot to talk about this earlier, but… Here we go! This is about coming out as asexual.
I’m asexual and I figured that out several months ago. At first, I thought that I didn’t really want to tell anybody, though I did come out almost immediately to one of my close friends.
As time went on, I never felt like I was hiding something, but I didn’t like that I wasn’t free to talk about it openly.
So, I came out to my sister and a few more close friends. I wanted to come out in person and one by one but I realized that would take forever.
So, during asexual awareness week I made daily posts about what asexuality is and raised general awareness etc. all without actually coming out. On the last day, my mom (i was raised in a super conservative family) started asking me questions about it! I jumped on the opportunity and came out to her. Sheee… Well, it didnt go as well as I thought (she kinda tried to talk me out of it) but she was patient and tried to understand. Especially when I said to her, “I’m either asexual or pansexual, because all bodies do the same thing for me.”
I plan on using the awareness I spread earlier to use as a platform for coming out to everybody until I’m fully out.
So, good luck in however (if you want to, that is) it is you choose to come out!”

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