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“I don’t know if this is the best place to ask or not but.. Are there any (Sex repulsed) Undertale fans here that ship Frans (Frisk x Sans) in a fluffy platonic and or romantic way that isn’t sexual or is that just me? And on that note are there any who find Sans the Skeleton (not human) aesthetically pleasing to look at and maybe want to hug and kiss but don’t wish to “bone” him or is that also just me? I have posted in the Sex Repulsed Asexual group with something similar and I did get one comment, although we shipped differently (they are into Frisk with Papyrus) they felt the same about liking them in a non sexual way. I seem to find so many Frans shippers who identify themselves as Frisk so they could be with Sans… I see Frisk as a different person. If Sans was real, I would hope Frisk was too so they could be together. Sure I’d like to hug him and I’m curious how his body words but I wouldn’t want to do anything sexual with him… I hope this makes sense @_@ I’m not the best with words or anything…”

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