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“I work at an office that is mostly women, ranging ages 24-60. I have a good relationship with all my superiors, because I’m friendly, happy to lend a hand wherever I’m needed, willing to do work no one else wants to do, a great multitasker, etc. I’ve been there a little less than a year, and I’m outshining a few of the long-time employees, and refusing to do their work for them to make them look good. So one of them has started a rumor that I’m having sex with one of my supervisors to earn special treatment. I’ve already started the necessary steps to open a case for her creating a hostile work environment, which the company takes very seriously, but can’t mention it because I heard about the rumor from a tertiary source, not myself or from a friend.

So, my question is this: if I have to face the people doing the investigation that will certainly come of this, even being totally innocent of her accusations, how should I proceed? Is it a good idea to mention being asexual if they seem to disbelieve my denial of the rumor having any truth?
(note: this company also has a lot of respect for LGBT rights, but I’m uncertain of their knowledge on the +)

Can anyone offer any other advice for this situation? I haven’t had to deal with a rumor this nasty since high school, and this time it was started by a woman in her late 50’s.

Thanks in advance!”

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