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“[TW : sexual relations]

I feel so lost, I don’t think any of you can help me but I’m pretty shure that I need to talk about what happen. So excuse me for this post and don’t worry if you can’t do anything for me, I just need to talk about it with other people.

The situation : I’m in the ace spectrum, and currently I’m fully ace. But I still have sexual relations with my girlfriend, she is hypersexual. I was keep telling myself that it was not good for me, that it was even dangerous. And this morning… It happen, what I was scared of happened… I didn’t want to have sexual relation but we did. I didn’t really say to her that I was ok but she keeped touching me like she wanted it, so we did. It was really early in the morning, I was tired and I don’t remember very well how we started. I just remember that I woke up and she was rubbing against me as if she wanted to have sex. After we finished, she just went back to sleep for several houres, and I turned around in the room, trying to calm myself down.
I told her everything when she woke up, how I was feeling… she just apologized and past to another subject as if it was not really important. I don’t know what to thing about, I’m so lost.”

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