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“I just thought I would write this to encourage people unsure about telling their families they’re ace(Not sure if this is the right place to be writing this).
Just under a year ago I first came out to my family. When I came out to my brother he in turn confided with me that he was bi, something he’d been keeping to himself for a while. Later on I came out to my mum, and although she didn’t really get it at first she accepted me.
Being the wonderful person she is, she set out to find out as much as she could and we’ve had many conversions about it since.
Anyway, last week on my 19th my mum gave me bag with a bunch of cupcakes printed all over it, and inside where two books on asexuality and a pride pin. I can’t put into words how happy I was, since it felt like the ultimate moment of acceptance to me, when all my worries finally vanished. I’ve been wearing my pin ever since.
The point of this rambling is, sometimes we just need to put more faith in our families and they’re reactions. We might even find out something’s they’ve been scared to share in return!”

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