From the inbox #73

“So, hi. I’ve been openly asexual for 3 months or so now and I must say, it has been tough. I’ve been told that the “right man for me” is out there, I’m not an important part of the spectrum of the sexuality, and so forth. “What would you know? You’re 14.” I’ve felt so broken for years and now that there are so many people in my situation, I feel… less alone, less broken. I live in South Africa, and people here… let’s just say that they don’t like things that are different. But I suppose it’s like that everywhere. As far as I know I am the only asexual in the tiny town I live in. And it’s really lonely and there’s no one to relate to. I understand that I can’t avoid some situations, but potential romantic relationships are a constant fear of mine even though I’d like one someday. And it feels really terrible that I want to give someone something that they deserve and not being able to. I won’t be able to offer something, someone in a relationship wants and that’s equally terrifying. But now that I know there are other jellybeans, like me. It’s really comforting, even though that you may be living in a different country, or even a different continent . But I feel that I’m no longer an outcast looking for something in the rain, but a family member under a sky of opportunity, seeking a new destiny with hands to help me. And it warms my heart that I am able to help other people in the same boat.

Even though it may be a meme, a message or a video I appreciate all of the support that asexuals and our sexuality receives from our supporters. Thank you for helping me (and others) to be proud of who we are. Asexuals United! ♡”

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