From the inbox #72

“i’ve saw people messaging you there stories so I figured i’d send mine. I have known i’m asexual for three years now? I knew it was a thing so I didn’t feel broken or anything. But I couldn’t come out to anyone because i came out to my ex about being biromantic and asexual and apparently that made me a cheater because i liked girls too, he didn’t know what asexual was and I didn’t explain. i knew he’d go off on one. For five months i was forced into sex with him, again and again and i felt so sick. After getting rid of him i began to get my confidence back and have been open about my asexuality to my boyfriend and he’s been absolutely fine with it, which is a relieve. After i told my ex and got a horrible response of him crying i had been afraid to tell anyone.

i am kind of scared to tell my family about me being biromantic and asexual. i will at some point, i just have to build up the courage to do so first.”

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