From the inbox #712

“I was designing a couple of fandom posters recently when I realized something funny – for each poster I had chosen a favorite quote from a beloved character, and all three of the characters I’d chosen were eerily similar despite being from very different fandoms and not being main characters. The three characters were Albus Dumbledore, Aggie Cromwell, and Gramma Tala, all of whom are very old, very wise, and very strange characters, and all of whom have friends and family who love them despite not really understanding them. I realized a disproportionate amount of the characters I identified with were “the village crazy ladies,” and I think it’s at least partially because I’m on the Ace-Aro spectrum.
Because of their age, these characters get to have storylines and relationships that aren’t centered around sexual and romantic relationships, and they’re still very cheerful. They’re simultaneously outside of mainstream society and respected by it. Their unique opinions and thought patterns are valued, and I think that’s kind of beautiful. I wondered if any other A-Specs felt or noticed something similar?”

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