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“I guess this question is for people who are in or have ever been in a relationship after identifying as asexual: How did you approach the task of getting into a relationship? I have always taken the ‘friend’ approach, wanting to find someone I can be friends with first and foremost before getting into anything serious. I have had a few close platonic guy and girl friends over the years, but other than a few romantic crushes that were not reciprocated, I’ve never been farther than that.

I suppose I identify as a biromantic heterosexual demi/grey ace, but I’m at the point now where I’m just tired of being on my own. I’m not much one for online dating apps, even ones where you can choose friendship as a goal rather than relationship. I just get terribly gun-shy, afraid they just want more than I can offer. Also, being a bit of an awkward geeky-type doesn’t help me much. 😕 Any suggestions or your own experiences that might help?”

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