From the inbox #708

TW: Sexual harassment

“HI, I’ve seen a few “from the inbox” posts and I’m not sure how it works but I don’t know who else to reach out to right now who would understand the situation that I’m in. Tonight I went to a friend’s house and she’s a really good friend to me, but her partner has been making advances on me. I was adamant about going to their event tonight tonight but as I had cancelled in the past, I didn’t want to make a bad impression. I thought maybe the advances were all in my head but it turns out it wasn’t, and he got me alone while I was changing the music and groped my butt, which I tried to ignore and hoped he’d get the subtle message, but he didn’t and went on to grope my chest as well. At this point, I had the sense to push him off, and loudly say no while I ran off and called a taxi home. I felt so bad as I said goodbye to my friend, they seemed to have no idea of what happened, but maybe they were looking for a third person and picked me? Maybe people aren’t as monogamous as I thought they were? I always had this idea that when I did find a suitable partner that we would be monogamous as long as we were together… is that an unrealistic and silly thing to think? I’m so confused and don’t know who else to ask without getting an answer like “you’ll be sexual soon enough” or “yeah that’s normal, he’s physically attractive so go with it”.”

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