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“I used to be a huge opponent of all things LGBTQ- I thought that anything outside of heterosexual relationships was invalid and confusing. Through my undergrad college years I met a diverse group of people who lead to me have a change of heart and a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. I had always found myself to be rather disinterested in sex and often felt like the “oddball” of the group: My friends would talk about their various sexual encounters and although I had sex with someone a few times, I never was interested or felt the “magic” of it that others did.
I have done a lot of reading over the past year and after speaking with a therapist who specializes in sexuality, i have come to the conclusion that I am an asexual heteroromanting. The best part? I’ve found a partner who is 100% okay with this! I bought a small ace pride button last week and finally got brave enough to put it on my purse. I cannot thank this page enough for being a resource of support and validation through my journey. Much love to you all

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