From the inbox #70

TW: Rape

“I didn’t know who I was. Years ago, I wasn’t finding myself attracted to anyone and I was so confused I tried to tell everyone I was bi because anything was better than being broken. But I couldn’t hide it for long. When I got a boyfriend I became uncomfortable when he would kiss me or talk about doing so, I thought I wasn’t human, at times I wanted to come out to my parents so they would take me to a doctor so they could fix me. I was scared, we broke up. And after he threatened to do something I now know as corrective rape.

I was on tumblr one day, in the Bisexual tags, and I saw “asexual”. That day I cried because I didn’t have to go to the doctor, because I wasn’t broken. I started to tell my friends, so excited to know who I was. One of my closest friends (who’s sister is a lesbian) refused to understand anything of what I had to say and we stopped being friends because I couldn’t handle someone I cared about telling me I wasn’t something I finally discovered I am.

There were hundreds of Acephobic things said to me over the years, but I finally decided to come out to my parents when one got too extreme. I told them I was Asexual Panromantic and this girl who had bullied me in Facebook messages was blocked despite the fact I never told my parents about it.She told me everything I thought wrong about my sexuality because of her “research” which the previous girl had also done. Pretty great “research” huh? My parents love and support me though we don’t really talk about it.

I am in a good place now, but how can I continue to be if people refuse to acknowledge my sexuality or mockingly call it a disorder?”

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