From the inbox #7

(from the ace who asked for help yesterday)
“hey guys! i just want to say a huge thank you for putting my question up 🙂 your pages support has been AMAZING! ive never been to proud to be part of a community of such understanding people 🙂 i just want you guys to know that this page and its fans have given me the strength to ‘come out’ and it feels sooo good!!!
in case people are wondering, i came out to my boyfriend and he was fine with it!! i explained how I feel about having sex (not repulsed, just mildly uncomfortable) and he understood that despite me not having a physical desire for him, i still love him very very much. its hard for some non-ace people to understand, but I honestly think open-mindedness and honesty is key 🙂
i would like you guys to post this so other people can see it and have the strength to come out too 🙂 🙂 ”

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