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“I’d just like to message you since I’m seeing a lot of people worried about telling their parents about being ace, and all the stories of people who have already told their parents and have had them not understand.
It was my mum who discovered the term asexuality, after looking it up. She was the one who explained it to me, and who helped me understand what that meant for me as a person. She has been completely understanding. My gran and brother also absolutely understand and support me. My aunt did initially say I should see a doctor, but quickly came round to seeing it as a sexuality and not a dysfunction.
I came out at work jist recently, and my work colleagues had questions about it, but are also totally accepting and seem to be on board with what it means.
So, if people are ever scared or unsure, I’d like them to know that it’s not absolutely certain that you won’t be understood by the people you care about.”

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