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“I didn’t really think I’d ever message the page but here I am, I just have to share this with people I’m sure will understand. This one guy who I met in Tinder (glad to have my prejudices about it being just a place for people to get laid proven wrong) and who I’ve been talking with on Snapchat for like a month now just told me I would be wife material if it weren’t for my asexuality (about which he was naturally curious at first since he didn’t know of it but understood everything well and was polite about it all the time) and now I feel super sad and empty. It’s not like I was that attached to him but he had so much potential (for the sake of my sanity and safety I’ve locked my feelings somewhere deep and first observe the possible partner carefully and really rationally to be sure they would be “partner material” and he definitely was) and the fact that he saw potential in me but cannot take the chance since he cannot abandon sex (I most likely would not be able to do it) just… I don’t even have words. For a while now I’ve been really down about dating stuff since no one so far has seen me worthy enough to give up on having a sexual relationship and this just makes the feeling of worthlessness worse, I feel like I have nothing actually good in me because sex is still better than everything in me combined according to every other allo person that has approached me. And well to me sex is horrible so I can’t first of all really understand how could anyone want it, let alone more than me unless I really am a pile of garbage that no one likes. I am not trying to get anyone’s pity, I just needed to rant somewhere where someone would understand and I believe this will do. Please do the same if you feel the need to.”

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