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“Hi there! I’m producing a collection of interviews conducted by my friend Conor Coyne (instagram @uncledaddyy) for a TV series pilot.

I’m a freelance producer (instagram @julesphamilton), spend most of my time as a writing assistant to futurist Gray Scott.

For our show “Conor Coyne Presents,” Conor pretends to be a different character for each interview. Some of the people he’ll be talking with on the show are familiar actors, academics, and everyday people on interesting topics.

We wanted to interview an authentic asexual or two in NYC, downtown on West Broadway today and tomorrow at 6:30pm. The nature of the interview is not entirely serious, but has compassionate and serious humanitarian undertones. For example, we might bring in some models and surround our interviewee with them as Conor asks questions to learn more about asexuality and asexual communities.

Conor is a silly and warm guy, and our goal with the show is to break taboos and get people talking and to feel good. It’s an opportunity to spread more awareness and positive information about asexuals which I think many communities are not aware of.

We’re paying for transportation to the location via Uber and paying for transportation back home via Uber, and the rate for the interview is $100 for approximately 3 hours.

I wanted to reach out here to see if there was a way to send a message out to your community to see if anyone was interested in the opportunity. Thank you so much for your time and help! (Happy 4th of July) 🙂

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