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“So I’ve known that I’m ace for probably 6 months or so now, and have had some bad sexual experiences before discovering my ace-ness.

My mom is reading this book about like some bff of Jesus coming back from the dead and living in the modern world and whatever, but anyways, he is really, really, REALLY focused on sex. She tried to read me an excerpt of the friend talking about the lack of sex in the Wizard of Oz, and I was very clearly getting uncomfortable. I asked her to stop, because I didn’t find it funny, and she was like “shut up you prude, it’s hilarious.”

So I tried to walk away, which only made her follow me around, still reading this excerpt. She followed me up to my room, which is automatically a huge threat to me, because it’s like being trapped and attacked in my own space.

STILL, she is reading this very explicit excerpt.

Finally I had to start screaming at her, because this is a MASSIVE breach of my boundaries and becoming very triggering. “I don’t fucking find penises funny, and I don’t find sex funny.”

So then, she started crying and acting as though this was all my fault, and she and my dad both started yelling at me to because i apparently “can’t let people enjoy things,” and “don’t have a sense of humour.” Which brings me to my point: how do i enforce boundaries when parents don’t take my sexuality and triggers seriously? I’ve struggled for so many years to try and mould myself to SOME sexuality, and now that i know I’m ace, it just seems like a huge joke to people.

Anyways, thanks. Xoxo”

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