From the inbox #652

“Vietnam 3 a.m.

I’m 25 y.o n’ I am alone.

but I don’t care about it.

and I am not jealous of their relationship.

so. . . why don’t they leave me alone? They ( my friend, my parents,…) always ask me when I would have a boyfriend.

why me?

They make me feel pretty stress.

If I can,… If I can say… I wanna shout out to everyone knows…

Right, we live in the dark becuz we dont dare to show who we really are.

People maybe accept the existence of GLBT. But it is not for A.


That’s so unfair!

I’ve cried many times before.

I did not know who I was.

I thought I was not straight.

It seems silly! Right?


Now I know I am a A. What’s wrong with that?

1% people in the world, this is enough!”

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