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“So for the longest time, I identified as aro-ace because I’ve never had a romantic attraction or urge. Never wanted to kiss, hug, cuddle, do weird date things at all. I don’t understand or pick up flirting. I went on my first date and didn’t even Know the guy thought it was a date till he hugged me goodbye and I talked with my mom about it, and she told me it was a date. I simply thought we were hanging out.

Well, I was having a conversation with an ace online, and mentioned that I am an aro-ace but I chose males as sexual partners (you know, for sex purposes and I want to reproduce). I told her depending on which groups I am around, I will tell people I am straight or ace since I technically am only with men. She told me I am not aro, but I am heteromantic. I disgree and want to know which one the community thinks I am. Thank you.”

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