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“Hi pals! At the beginning of my conturbed teenage years, I thought I was so drowned in studies than I did not care about the boys or the pervert things in the world…
But most recentely, just like two years from now, I found my triple orientation (sexual, gender and romantic): I am a proud ace agender panromantic!
But to say that to a majority binary allo heteronormative is hard and also sad
The classic answers started to pop out to me: “you will find the right person!”, “you got a childhood trauma?”, “you will get sick without it…”, and all that famous BLAH BLAH BLAH
Worse: I live in a country that aces basically are excluded and joked upon… Just like, I am not the relligious type and my “family” wants to see me into a nun’s habit because I do not want to give anyone a grandson/niance
But now I am not feeling sooo alone and sooo deslocated even with my in-continuous-development English because I know there are allies and aces out there to help me and all other aces in trouble!
Para os meus conterrâneos lusófonos e/ou que moram no Brasil: vocês não estão doentes nem muito menos sozinhos!
(FYI: that is a little heads-up to other lusophone aces ;3)
From your ace warrior, Dark”

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