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“I just found this page like an hour ago and I must say I’ve never felt so normal! I thought I’d introduce myself with a recent story of my ace troubles. I went to a convention and met a guy named Tom who was talking to another friend of mine. Tom mentioned he just moved to my state and was socially awkward and didn’t know anyone. Later, I saw Tom walking alone and texting, so I called him over and introduced him to my friends. We kinda ended up dragging him around all night to meet our other friends but he was getting along well and having great conversations so I was proud to help him get his footing in a new community. The next day, however, he started messaging me with requests to go out. I got super nervous and didn’t respond for a while. He got antsy and I admitted I just got out of a long term relationship (true) and wasn’t looking for anything serious. He then starts trying to guilt me by saying he thought I thought he was cute but he must be wrong, he always gets walked over, and all women always lie and play games. That last bit was the final straw. I told him I never promised him anything, and he insisted I screwed with him. So I told him to f*ck off and unfriended him. I’ve had similar experiences my whole life, and the trouble is men seem to find me conventionally attractive, which makes just making friends impossible when we get close enough that they ask me out and I have to turn them down. I guess that’s why I’ve resisted accepting my asexuality for so long”

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