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“My former aunt is bisexual and I just dreamed that I caught her masturbating a girlfriend in the shower and her girlfriend had an orgasm. I didn’t see anything but I heard it. My body was aroused at the prospect of finally seeing what the fuss about orgasms is, but my mind was absolutely disgusted at the thought of discussing sex much less asking my aunt to assist. I wondered if a lesbian could give me something my husband hadn’t.

I awoke with my body aroused and a sense of deep shame. My family doesn’t approve of anything except cisgender heterosexuality. My uncle divorced my aunt for cheating on him with a woman and other things.

I have wondered in waking hours if I’m biromantic, but repressed because of how sexist and homophobic my father is. I’m just confused and feel disgusted with myself and have no one to talk to about it. If I really am biromantic, how can I accept myself? And how will it affect my heteroromantic marriage?

I’m ashamed to admit the only arousing kiss I ever had was from a girl. But oddly enough, I don’t generally like girls and just like to look, but not touch. I always prefer male company. I’m so confused.”

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