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“Gotta say I just recently came ‚Äčto understand that I am asexual, despite being well past the experimental years of sexuality. I’m going you’ll keep this anonymous because my husband might since across it.

For years I’ve thought maybe I was bisexual because my romantic attractions seemed to fluctuate so much. Attraction to both genders seemed equal when it happened.

But I never cared about sex. All of my peers were talking about it like it was oxygen and I couldn’t understand why. My husband is the same way. He could go for sex multiple times a day. I couldn’t care less.

I’ve been married over 10 years now and lately it’s causing a lot of conflict. He seems to think it’s a personal slight when I act disinterested in sex. I’ve tried to be involved in it before, and it just made it worse for me. I feel awful because we’re at such odds with this but we can’t just split and move on.

I’m feeling so very lonely because I don’t know any other folks like me, and my husband seems to think I’m just not attracted to him no matter how many times I explain it’s a lack of attraction to anything sexual with anyone.

Living in the stranglehold red states doesn’t help much either, as most of the time anything beyond gay/lesbian or straight is an empty space…”

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