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“Good afternoon.

I am a L., student of Journalism here, in Mexico (I hope that could serve as an explication to my broken English), and a faithful follower of this page.

The motive of me, deciding to write to you guys today is that with my partner (who also is studying Journalism and identifies as kinky ace, like me) are writing an reportage with academic purposes about the utilization of sexual toys by asexual people, single or in a relationship, with a sense more of erotism (like my case), entertainment (like my partner’s case), o mere curiosity, in opposition to the search of sexual reward that almost always is present in the use allosexual people give them. (The whole “spice the relationship” thing). I want to know, if that’s the case, what motivates you to involve yourselves in their use? Why?

Here, in Mexico, the asexual community is practically inexistent. People doesn’t even dare to imagine that someone who doesn’t live by and for sex could exist. It’s almost as sinful as being homosexual. Or even worse. And the sexual toys business is awful, because of the plenty taboos still strongly rooted within our people.

So, that’s why I am asking you, camaradas, for an opinion. Here, there is almost no one to ask for one. If my questions doesn’t offend you, and doesn’t seem too invasive, I would appreciate muchísimo, realmente mucho, your answers. A lot.

I can omit the names, if that’s your wish. It’s only with academics purposes, for our Reportage class.

I hope you have a wonderful week, and thank you for taking the time to read my long message. Also, I apologize if my rudimentary use of the language leads to some misunderstanding. I can assure you, that was not my intention. I’m sorry.

Hasta luego, compañeros.”

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