From the inbox #6

“I’m 22, gender-neutral. I thought I was demi-sexual panromantic but fray-romantic sounds more like it. I have two ex-boyfriends and a current girlfriend. My problem is I hate being touced, even if they were just leaning on me. I have BDD, whether that has anything to do with it.
I don’t feel any need or arousal when I have a partner even if they were touching me subtly, all I could think was do you have to? I get called cold or a prude and its hurtful. My girlfriend even says I should stop posting asexual b/s.
My mum just thinks I’m a lesbian, she tries to accept things but doesnt quite understand. But I relate more to being asexual. I know nobody needs to label themselves, but I need a label for myself. I wouldn’t know how to even come out.”

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