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“So, I write to you coming off a trip with my high school chior. During the trip I was surrounded by friends and was having a great time! However things got uncomfortable on the bus ride there when we started to play a game called “paranoia”. We go in a circle asking questions in a whisper so only the asker and the person answering know the question. They answer and you flip a coin, heads you are safe tails you say what they asked. Alot of sexual questions were asked and said. All fun. But a friend of mine, who has a boyfriend keep in mind, continuously hit on me during the trip. I could be wrong because I’m terrible at flirting. But it was pretty aparent, she would sit with me every chance she got, she decided to lay on me in the bus to try and get me to cuddle, she winked constantly at me when she said something sexual. It made me extremely uncomfortable. Is that normal?”

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