From the inbox 574

“A new Facebook group has been created specifically to fill a niche for Jewish Asexuals who would like to find a Jewish Asexual partner for serious dating/relationship purposes. An actual dating site would be ideal, but until there is one, there is the “Jewish Asexual Dating group”—a closed facebook group. The group is for non-married Asexual Jews from around the world. If you are too nervous to become a member because of visibility, you can contact one of the administrators about uploading your bio for you. They will also let you know if someone is interested in contacting you, or if they think someone might be a good match for you. It’s still in “Beta” mode and there are kinks to work out. If anyone is willing to help create a real dating site, or assist with Administrative duties on the group, please let the Admins know! Rules/instructions are listed on the group page.”