From the inbox #57

“Hey guys,
I have a friend who’s struggling because she’s unsure about her romantic attraction.
She doesn’t really care about labels but it’d be great to see whether other experience things the same way as she does.

So.. she thinks she could be demi romantic. She’s been in a relationship for three (? i think) years now and she just told me that:

“I’ve struggled really long to answer his affection, but is it because i love him less than he loves me or because hes just generally more lovey-dovey because lately ive just really rationalised how great he is and then i could really be so “in love” and before i always felt like hes kinda exaggerating”.
Does anyone else feel that way or could maybe tell us what you think about that? I would love to help her finding out because I think she thinks a lot about it and I don’t want her to feel bad or worry too much.”


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