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“Would love to get some advice! I’m not one for labels but I think I would like some identification help. I am a cis girl that is panromantic. This much I know about myself. I also know that I do lie somewhere on the Asexual spectrum. But where?

I am not sex repulsed. I do masterbate occasionally to destress or help my period cramps. Nothing’s a huge turn on or trigger for me. I have never had sex and am perfectly fine with that. Funny enough, I would be more open with having sexual relations with a woman more than a man, but either are pretty non-existent in feelings.

I’m not going to say that I will never have sex, because I am not repulsed by it. I just foresee needing to be with a VERY special person. So because of this, i’m not sure if i’m Demisexual, or maybe Grey Asexual because I have very VERY few instances of any sort of sexual spark. It’s not a lack of labido, it’s a lack of need or want.

Thank you!”

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