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“Last year my ‘what-I-thought-to-be-a-boyfriend’ broke up with me so he could date some girl from his workplace. We were in a long distance relationship, or at least I was. Thing is, I cared a lot about him and he didn’t think twice about me or my feelings towards him when he did what he did and the way he did. He obviously cares about her way more than he ever did about me, as he’s always demonstrating it online (he posts pictures with her, he reacts to her posts with ‘love’ and sends her heart emojis all the time – things I’ve never had from him). I wish I could move on with my life instead of crying about it and feeling so bad and letting it hurt me, so I’d really like to know how other aces/demi handle this kind of situation. I can’t just replace him for another person like any other person would do and forget about it. I’m not a teenager anymore (I’m turning 30 in two weeks) and I’m really scared this has broken me inside forever and I won’t be able to recover anymore. What can I do? It’s so hard to cope. It’s been months and I’m not any better. I’ve tried everything people told me to do, but I know the problem is me being ace and, therefore, not able to replace him so soon and so easily. Please help Thank you.”

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