From the inbox #557

TW: Harassment

“I got harrassed and punished by employers, colleagues and friends for not giving them wat they wanted me… Although I amnot asexual but maybe unox or sth else or just going through a post trauma. I have litlle sex experience but nnever had it for my pleasure just to please someone. Which I stopped and waiting for sexual attraction for someon, not yet felt it fo
Theres hardly any good friendship in my life not came to such point that.. Person fall in love and strat demanding for sex passively or attractive. And hence a breakup .
Another loss of friend
No matter male or female, females are more crazy because they are more impulsive and sensitive. And they think being a girl thet have a righr over everyman to seduce and he dare not to comply
And when they wont get wat they need.. They get furious
boys were rather more rational, after the span of time, friendship or interaction, they fell for this thing..
Mostly they were nice friends(male), i even wanted to keep them by giving wat they wanted but I cudnt. I chose to struggle and be alone. Leaving them behind one by one.
Eventhough I was needed their help, eventhough I cud give them sex, nmatter male or female. But my mind and heart were not convinced anymore.
I lost so many caring, valuable friends and relationships”