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“So I came out recently to basically everyone and my whole family a couple days ago and it was super terrifying. Especially since it’s been 20yrs of silence while listening to them bad mouth and hate on everything I am. There was a lot of crying. And my dad didn’t tell me to burn in hell. I started feeling more confident in myself because of pages like yours, this community helped me not feel alone in my heart while trying my hardest to confront my family. I’ve had people stop talking to me because of how I am. Because of something I can’t change and wouldn’t change for them. I was scared that I didn’t have anybody to talk to or open up to, and I’ve realized that even though I may not know all or any of you, we are connected and this site makes me smile every day. And now that I’m out of the closet I can start openly finding friends and groups that I can connect with. Do any of you know the best way to find a community group or something to visit in Eugene, OR, United States? If not…that’s okay. I am PanRomantic Grey-a and just want to make some friends who are like me and can help me feel connected. (Sorry I’m still a little nervous)”

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