From the inbox #540

“Have you seen this video? * This youtuber identifies as bisexual and tries to dismiss demisexuality. Even when demisexual people in the comments section try to tell her that demisexuality is real, she still says she won’t change her mind while continuing to perpetuate myths about the asexual spectrum. I’m not demisexual but I think it’s hypocritical of her to claim that demisexuals don’t face discrimination and that it disregards the discrimination faced by gay, bi, and trans people while claiming that the term demisexual slut-shames allosexuals (*rolls eyes*). [The title of the video is misleading. One could mistake that for a coming-out video or an informative video about demisexuality. Don’t be fooled. It’s neither of those things. I don’t think she will change her mind, but I think it would be good to warn asexual-spectrum people and people actually wanting to learn about the asexual spectrum to stay away from videos like this.]”

*They added the link to the video, but we decided not to share it to not give the person who made the video more views. Instead, here’s the basic info ,so you know what to avoid:
“This is the name of the youtuber that made the video I sent: Mems-ogyny. Name of video: Real Talk- Demisexuality.”

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