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CW: Explicit sex talk

“Hi. I consider myself a panromantic asexual. I’m sex repulsed sometimes in that i often get anxiety attacks from penis and vagina penetrative sex and also oral sex performed by or on me.
I do worry that people judge me because i like to be a tease but then don’t “put out”. It boosts my self esteem and gives me an energy boost to know someone finds me sexy. I nearly always wear low cut tops.

I like to do sensual things with my partners that turn them on and i like knowing when they are sexually gratified. But It doesn’t turn me on or make me horny, but it makes me happy.

When in polyamorous or open relationships i love hearing about my partner’s sexploits or kink escapades and find i sorta live vicariously through that. It’s almost disappointing when they don’t have a experience to tell me about.

If i do get horny (usually just random every few months) i masturbate but don’t like the idea of having sex to quell the horniness

Enjoy play wrestling and tickling and ropes in the kink sense but the enjoyment stops as soon as it becomes sexual. (I know kink and sex are not one in the same)

Am i safe to consider myself asexual confidently? Or should i be looking for other terms?”

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