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“This may seem such an odd thing to talk about. I’m a homo-romantic indifferent ace. I often find I feel disconnected from other aces. I mean, I know there are more out there who have similar expressions. But every time I come across other aces, they are almost always aro ace and sex repulsed. I only really concluded my asexuality a few months ago. Do others find it similarly difficult to find people with their shared experiences? Perhaps having that longing to sit down with another ace and say “I don’t find I have a sexual attraction to people, but I’m also perfectly fine with a sexual relationship” and hearing the response “I know exactly what you mean”? Or to find the aces who don’t have an aro romantic attraction? I guess what I mean to ask is, do others find being a romantic ace who is indifferent to sex means being lonely and alone a lot?”

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