From the inbox #496

“Hello, I’m sending this because I really need some advice. I’m honestly afraid of dating and I just don’t feel anything when trying to interact “that way” with people, that’s why I’m asexual. I’m afraid to fully love anyone outside of my family. But I have a friend who is subtly and openly making advances on me, though he’s doing it kind of metaphorically. He makes jokes about me being asexual and honestly it hurts because it makes me question if I’m doing everything correctly…It’s tearing me apart inside because I feel like being asexual is wrong. But I don’t want anything like that. I’ve had way too many people hit on me in the past though I’ve got nothing good for them.
But this guy, when we’re not talking about love, is a really cool person. I don’t want to offend him and possibly hurt our friendship by telling him that I don’t like what he’s doing.
I just don’t know what to do. Please help me, I really need some opinions because apparently I’m doing something wrong….”

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