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“Okay IDK if I should share this but

I’m gonna go ahead and share this headcanon of mine.

I’ve been rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho and kinda came to the headcanon that Hiei is aroace. He’s one of the very few to give a crap less about sex or for that matter, hooking up, whether it be for romantic or sexual matters.

In YYH, Kuwabara has a crush on Yukina, Yusuke and Keiko are a canon couple. However, Mukuro and Hiei aren’t exactly a couple, but more or less friends at the end of the series? (Apologizes for the spoilers)

I’m not sure if this is just me, because I know IIRC Kurama x Hiei were supposed to be a couple, and I can’t really blame Togashi for having them both as single. IMO, I think we need more single aroace characters anyways.”

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