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“I had a freakout the other day. Now, I’ve had some minor identity crises in the past over my asexuality, but this one was bad. So, I don’t mind sex, in fact, I even enjoy it most of the time. Hell, I’m even a sex worker on weekends sometimes (not that I need the money, I’m just good at it and enjoy it, but my mon-fri day job provides me enough). However, I never get horny or experience sexual desire. Well, almost never, it happens maybe once every few months for just a few minutes. Well this past holiday weekend I was Horny for like 4 days straight, and it’s still going. I even ate like a pound of chocolate on Monday (and I normally hate chocolate). I think have some crazy hormones going on from my period starting last week. But anyway, I had this freakout on Monday with my partner and my metamour there, I cried 2 separate times, and I am just filled with a ton of emotions I don’t know how to handle. My partner is trying to calm me down letting me know that asexuality can sometimes come and go in some people just like anyone’s sexuality can evolve. I’ve been a non-horny gray-ace for so long I don’t know how to handle these desires and it’s really fucking scary.“

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