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“I recently discovered that I’m demisexual. Explains a lot since the thought of casually hooking up disgusted me, I never understood who would you do games, never had a celebrity crush, didn’t understand the words hot, sexy, or attractive, among several other things. I (a woman) have been with my boyfriend/ best friend for years and he’s the only person that I have any sexual attraction towards, but I hate sexting him. When I read about demisexuality for the first time, I never before identified with something so much and I was relieved that there was nothing wrong with me.

However, I’m still struggling with this new aspect of my identity. How does demisexuality fit into the ace spectrum? I would only ever consider being with men, but since I’ve only ever felt attraction for my boyfriend my whole life, am I heterosexual? Is “demisexual” an acceptable response to the question “what’s your sexual orientation?” I’m brand new to this community so any support or stories would help!”

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