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“Hello,I identify myself as a biromantic girl(and I’m too proud),I’m 20 years old,I don’t masturbate and never I’ve done it(I think it is a bit gross!).— A few days ago while I was was about to sleep, my eyes flickered to open and I started imagining myself having sex with a female singer and I liked it because I had waken up less distressed although I thought it again and I can‘t picture having sex with her after all,just let your damn genitals off my eyesight,and put your clothes on!just sing for me Gaga!.
I know that this is so weird,but I’ve been struggling about this.
Am I asexual or demisexual or another one?
I’m so confused!😖
By the way,Merry Christmas!👼🎊🎉
Wish you happy holidays 😄

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