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“Last week a “friend” of mine began some acephobic shit too, since he saw an ace post on my profile (I’m pretty open about my aceness because I hate to hide who I am, and tries to spread knowledge about asexuality, although it really is a bother sometimes). No matter what I try to tell him or explain to him, he keeps reffering to asexuality as a mental disorder or personality trait. He says I “shouldn’t limit myself og tie my identity to something like that” and that I “shouldn’t throw my “sickness” in other peoples faces, he wouldn’t throw his “diagnosis” in MY face. Guess what tho, being ace IS a part of my identity, but of course not all of it.
I try not to get angry by his very rude behaviour, and tell him how it really is. I say rude behaviour, since he starts all this by insulting me, calling me a “special snowflake” and behind my back say “I’m full of shit” to a friend that luckily supports me in my aceness and thinks HE is the ass.
I must admit that my responses got a bit of an edge, but really, what did he expect?!? And after I as calmly as rationally as I could tries to explain, he makes fun of me and refuses to accept anything, and keeps going. Calling my an attention seeker and a liar and so on!
I even try to come with analogies or examples but just tell how ridiculous they are, well I know it’s not the best examples, but I just try to explain it so you might understand!
The worst part is he thinks he’s the “good guy” trying to “Help” me, since he believes I’m “more than that” (remember he thinks its a sickness) and he even had the nerve to ask why i hadn’t gotten it checked. I can’t believe he doesn’t seem to think he’s done anything wrong at all.
I feel like stopping our “friendship” officially (because I think that’s pretty much over, at least from my side I think) would let him win, and that he will call me a wimp for not being able to take that someone “disagrees” with my “view” and im a wimp. Which he by the way have already said, since the friend I mentioned earlier got really mad at him and started telling him off too, with a little more aggression than me, and he then asked if i was so weak that i needed help.”

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