From the inbox #460

“I came out as aroace and had to block two friends of mine who wouldn’t accept me for being aroace. They had the gall to tell me I’m not aroace along with asexuality and aromanticism isn’t real, then turn around to claim that aces and aros aren’t oppressed, only to then tell me when I snapped at them that they weren’t being acephobic when they clearly were…even after telling me asexuality is a choice. Worst part is? These were grown ass men telling me this shit. Hell, one of them even implied I’m not a true asexual because I don’t dress head to toe in a burqa and get offended by everything. What the absolute hell? Since when did being aroace equate to SJW? I’ve even been told by this exact same guy only ugly people are asexual…after he just told me asexuality isn’t real and I’m not ace. Which contradicted everything he just said. By the way, GG for shaming aces by appearance. I struggle bad enough with appearance issues and whilst my friends and family think I’m beautiful, I don’t see myself as that.

FFS, this exact same guy even told me sex will cure me when, FFS, just because I find fictional guys and gals attractive does not mean I want sex or dating AT ALL. I kept trying to break it to him that I’m not an asexual stereotype and he treated me like one after dismissing that aces and aros, let alone their oppression and aromanticism and asexuality are equal to that of unicorns farting glittery rainbows. I kid you not.

Not only that, but my parents, who are near 50 to 60, accepted me for being ace and they know it’s not a choice. These two guys made me so upset, I was breaking down crying in rage to the point of where one of my friends finally snapped and told them that asexuality was real and they should suck it up.

It’s sad my own true friends and family can accept me for being aroace unlike this blatantly acephobic assholes. Thank goodness I didn’t kill myself over them trying to make me feel bad for being who I am.”

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