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“My mom and my dad have been more accepting of me coming out as ace and I swear, I couldn’t be any more happier than to have parents who still see me as their little girl who grew up into a woman who’s asexual. Sad thing is, I’ve had certain friends of mine who I shan’t name who told me I “had bad experiences”/”am still young at 21″/”God hasn’t have me the right man”/etc. Fact of the matter is, I may be a Christian, but who are they to judge? I’ve never had any real life crushes, no dates irl, seven long distance relationships that failed badly. FFS I even had one ex try to – I shit you not – become asexual just to get back with me when he failed to realize you cannot just suddenly become asexual. It doesn’t work that way. Only two of my exes I have contact with have accepted me for being ace. As for the others? No contact with them, thank goodness. After how they backstabbed me, good riddance to such trash.

Ironic this comes from someone who writes/makes erotica of legal aged characters herself. I realized I was asexual all along, and I’ve been the happiest I’ve been. Ironic my parents are more accepting of me than my so-called friends. As I have been typing all of this, I have been crying. Thank you all for making this amazing page!

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