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“Hey I am happy i found your Page.

Facebook is such a big win for my queer journey in general! The road so far… I (now 17) came to the (false) conclusion of being genderfluid because of a FB-page (have a gay day had a shirt event where I looked up the flags) and later on came to identifying demimale neutrois also because of Facebook.
After I starting tumblr I first really realised what asexual meant! And after some reasearch I found out about greysexuality.
I have to stay rather stealth about my gender and sexuality on Facebook (another reason for tumblr) but I follow some sites and I am happy I found yours 😀

I’d like to tell every fellow a-spec (aro and/or ace): You are great! You are beautiful and you deserve happiness. And YOU. ARE. VALID! Okay? We have a sexuality like every other sexuality, it’s simply our orientation and we shouldn’t back down. All queer and LGBT should live in harmony and we are (if we choose to be) part of the community!

Best wishes and great holidays to all of you lovely people.”

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