From the inbox #43

“Hello there. I want to share my problem.

So i have fallen in love with an asexual who i have meet in some dating sites. She and I were just friends at first but the more i knew her the more i got attached to this amazing girl.

When she stated that she was an asexual and demiromantic. I immediately loose hope of whether telling my feelings or not and since i just known her on a dating site. I never saw her in real life nor meet her. I just saw her pictures and video calls.

It was so depressing that the only person who gives me strength to go through all i am facing is far away from me and more is she could probably has someone she likes, maybe her bestfriends or classmates.

I am wondering…. how can i know more about asexuals… How can i tell her i love her? Does she feel love as well to some stranger since she was a demiromantic? I am so confused.

I am new to this sexuality thing since the thing i only know is the LGBTs.”

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