From the inbox #4

A message from Genevieve Orlene Irwin:
“Hey, I’m a chemical engineer (so I have pretty strong knowledge in science) and I thought I should explain scientifically why the “you can’t reproduce by yourself so your not asexual” doesn’t work.
1. In English, “a” is used to mean “not/no” in several cases. Best known is atheist, this means “a” and “theist”, “no/not” and “belief/deity”. “a” and “sexual”, “no/not” “sexual”.
2. In biology, sex refers to reproduction. If I’m not asexual because I can’t reproduce by myself then a infertile women isn’t Heterosexual because she can’t bread with the opposite sex. homosexual people aren’t homosexual because they can’t bread with the same sex (without scientific aid that is).
3. Really asexual in biology refers to animals that don’t participate in meiosis (production of sex cells). It should be called “ameiosis” but since they don’t have sex cells/organs, they don’t have sex, so “asexual” was used (that and it’s far easier to remember).
I’m sure you guys deal with this “but you can’t reproduce on your own” from people who think they understand science as much as asexual individuals do.”

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