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“I recently had to have a serious chat with my WGS professor (Gender, Sexuality & Homphobia) about her inclusion of asexuality in a list of sexual disorders. Right along with priapism, and hypersexuality (real, treatable, disorders). *sigh* including that it was an issue of libido and hormones!
But after I talked with her, she told me that she got this out of (an obviously VERY) outdated text. So she told me to write my own definition to correct her mistake. This is what I wrote, for her to distribute to the class and use in her future teachings. I was hoping you could share this with the page to make sure I didn’t make any grave mistakes or left something super important out. The main point is to let the class know that asexuality is not a disorder, so I didn’t go into a TON of detail about the ins and outs of being asexual, but encouraged them to look into it themselves.
Here is what I sent her.
In the future, if you are not sure about how to teach about asexuality, I would recommend heading to the Asexuality Visibility & Education Network (AVEN) @ , and I definitely encourage you to completely remove asexuality from the list of disorders. Maybe we can talk about it again in a different context?
If you want to post the next paragraph with my name, that’s OK. I encourage people to question me, I love to talk about it with people, and I am super used to the ignorant questions so it definitely doesn’t bother me!

In week three we learned a little about sexual disorders. In the list we included things like priapism, hypersexuality, etc. However, I want it to be clearly understood that asexuality (although included in the list) is NOT a sexual disorder, or disorder of any kind. It was included on the list because society (which is pretty obsessed with sex and the sexual lives of others) finds this lack of sexual attraction as “weird” and “abnormal”. But it is simply a different orientation on the wonderful big spectrum of orientations! It is no more a disease or disorder than any other non-hetero orientation is a disease or disorder.
The Asexual Visibility & Education Network (AVEN) describes asexuals as someone who does not experience sexual attraction toward anyone. However, this has nothing to do with libido or sex drive, imbalance in hormones or emotional trauma; and is not the same as celibacy (which is the choice to abstain from sex).
If you would like to know more about asexuality feel free to email me, or head to AVEN’s website @ and check out the “about” tab for FAQs.”

Also, do you have any good education links about asexuality you can add?

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