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“I had a talk with a friend the other day, thinking maybe he was ace judging from previous conversations I had. I brought it up with him and he seemed cool at first. We figured out he probably wasn’t ace, but just not really into flirting, etc. Later he told me he felt a little insulted that I might think he was ace. I laughed it off and everything, but it really hurt that he could be so insulted that he might be like me. Like not being sexually attracted to people is the WORST thing he could be. It stung more than I expected, that’s for sure.
I also grew up with a mother who loved me very much, but who constantly told me that sex with my husband was my duty as a wife, whether I wanted it or not. Thank goodness I married the man that I did because we figured things out together, but it was still very stressful growing up with that always hanging over me.”

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