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“In honor of AAW I wanted to share my own discovery story and hope everyone can have a good laugh!

I was maybe 12 or 13 and was watching an episode of Criminal Minds where a teenage girl had been abducted. As the forensics team examined the young lady’s room, one of them commented on how weird it was that this high school girl didn’t have pictures of boys or bands or athletes on her walls. No posters. Nada. And I legitimately panicked because *I* didn’t have any of that up in my room. I thought, “what if I went missing?? They’d think I was a weird teenager. I don’t want that!” So, not really having known what sexual attraction was, I used my deductive reasoning skills to get the scoop on who was hot or not at sleepovers. My girlfriends would gush about Usher, and I’d put up a poster of him on my wall. Or Aaron Carter. Younget the picture. I covered my walls in these men. My parents thought it was normal, and I was faking it to make it in case I ever got abducted by a crazy person.

Later in college I discovered the ace spectrum and knew I’d found the right words and description for how I felt about myself and couldn’t stop laughing at myself because I immediately recalled my “boy crazy” phase. Definitely born this way and I hope all of your self discovery stories bring you as much peace and laughter as mine did 💜💜💜

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